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    Ed Guest

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    This might be a little off the wall for an asp forum, but does anyone know any client side javascript that will trigger a function or what not after an animated gif is done looping or after x amount of time?<BR><BR>Basically i want to hide this gif after five seconds.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Ed

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    Look at the Javascript method SetTimeout ... I&#039m sure that this combined with dynamic html ... or even just regular JavaScript might give you what you want.

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    omc Guest

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    No, you can not detect what is going on with an animated gif. As far as the browser knows it is just an image. <BR><BR>Can&#039t you build that effect into the animation itself. Have it loop 5 times and the last frame is white (or whatever color your background is).

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    Ed Guest

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    What I was actually trying to do was have the anim gif hide and another unhide in its place. Otherwise the white background would work. I&#039ll check into the set timeout.<BR><BR>deadlines...stress...aieeee!

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