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Thread: Access "Security Issues." Which database to use?

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    In setting up a test site for the server side of an application we are building, a person at the company which will be hosting the NT server is reluctant to let us use an Access database because of unspecified security issues. Are his concerns warranted?<BR><BR>He suggests using MySQL or PostgreSQL, but these are server programs, aren&#039;t they?<BR><BR>Are his fears warranted? I&#039;m not talking about using Access server, just an Access database. I think that there&#039;s a difference, right? ASP can use ODBC to talk to any database, provided that the correct driver is available, right?<BR><BR>Thanks for any clarification!

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    any enterprise database will offer better security options. Access is a light weight database. Your security issue should be based on how sensative the data is in your database.

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