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    is it possible to use DISTINCT in ASP instead of the database, are there any downsides to this?

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    why don&#039;t you give it a try?<BR><BR>sorry, this might not help you.<BR><BR>i reckon what you try to do is possible. can be used like below:<BR><BR>sql = "Select distinct mbUsrname, mbUsrid "<BR>sql = sql & "From tblMembers "<BR>sql = sql & "Where mbRegdate between &#039;2000-01-01&#039; and &#039;2001-01-01 21:13:00&#039;<BR><BR>please have a good day~~

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    no not posible , u can use as a text in asp and send it to database as aquery<BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>Rajesh

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