Hello Dave I am not good at English understanding.So can you be more Explicit in the answer you gave to my previous Query.<BR>Regards<BR>Sharron Lilly<BR><BR>RE: I&#039;m SURPRISED ! Nobody to solve my Proble<BR>Dave L - 30 Mar - 11:04:53 AM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>The answer depends on the question of how many times you need to do this.<BR><BR>If you have to do it just once then:<BR>in Access use the query wizard to do a find duplicates query. Once you have done that modify the query into a make table query and make a temporary table of the duplicates. Make another query to join the original table and the "made" table on more fields than part number. You should be able to delete from there. You need to be careful if you want to keep a particular duplicated record in the original table.<BR><BR>If you have to do it regularly then you will need to write a module which reads the table and compares data to previous values and use the .delete method <BR>