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    Marty Guest

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    I&#039m a new learner of Microsoft ASP, and I&#039ve been trying to find some sort of professional certification or education program for it. So far, though, I haven&#039t found anything -- even from Microsoft&#039s site. <BR><BR>Is there any way I can beef up my resume with a recognized certification in ASP web application development? Does Microsoft recognize ASP developers in any way? Please share anything you might know. Thanks!

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    You could get Visual InterDev, IIS 4.0 and/or VBScript certification. An MCSD using Visual BASIC is also a very good plus when it comes to showing your ability to work with the various tools and techniques associated with ASP.

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    E Guest

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    There is no official MS certification for ASP developers<BR>but you can get your MCSD.<BR><BR>Try to beef up your resume with url&#039s to sites you&#039ve<BR>done. Even if you haven&#039t worked on a production site<BR>make one and host it at your ISP. Show code samples. Explain<BR>EXACTLY what you&#039ve done and can do<BR><BR>but if you must, you can learn asp from Charles Caroll at<BR>It&#039s a little on the expensive side for me.<BR>Also I think LearningTree might have a ASP program.<BR><BR>This is just my opinion but i think industry recognition<BR>is more valuable.<BR><BR>Take Scott Mitchell for instance (the owner of this site)<BR>He started this site on ASP and now Microsoft Loves him,<BR>He&#039s writing a book on ASP (you didn&#039t hear that from me though)<BR>and he is considered by many to be the top ASP programmer <BR>hands down.<BR><BR>Employer: Do you know ASP?<BR>Scott: I Wrote a book on it<BR><BR>get the picture?<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>E<BR><BR><BR>

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    I would go for the MCSD along the Visual BASIC track. You could choose Visual InterDev as your elective. This is a great certification for what you&#039re looking for.

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