Hello,<BR> I&#039;m working on developing a chat program. I am having a few problems. In my chat program the first time a use loggs in to problem, they type what they are saying then leave and everything works. The problem is when they log in a second time they type then hit log out, and because their browser already has the information as to what that button should do it doesn&#039;t access the .asp page that loggs them out. Because of this anytime someone logs in more then once their name never logs out. Can you think of any way to make their web browser access the .asp page even though there is a cached verision of the next site??<BR><BR>The other question I had was if anyone over there knows how to make an application run a dos command. I have some files that I want to copy of delete from the web site. They are all located server side.<BR><BR>The final question was I wanted to know if anyone knew how to make a .asp page that would unload a virtual directory through IIS.<BR><BR>If you could help with any of there questions I would appricate it. Thank you.<BR><BR>-Brian<BR><BR>Please respond to Brian_picard@progressive.com Thank you.