Well First of all i would like to apolozige for my being rude. <BR>Duncan King: Yes you are right i am a foreigner to your site and i was not aware of the etiqattes.And the cross Postings.And thanks for your help.I&#039;m Sorry. <BR>Atrax: Next time i will keep in mind not to CrossPost.I&#039;m Sorry. <BR>Vineet: Beleive me i desperately need the help to save my Job. <BR>Bill: Thanks for your Help.I am a female of 24.But as i was not able to post again with the same name, so i thought probably changing the spelling would help.Cause i thought there was some check for posting again.I am really Sorry. <BR>Xander:The same reason as above why i changed my Spellings. <BR>Bill: Thanks a lot for all the Help.