Hey there... i&#039;m in the research stage of planning an ecommerce site. I&#039;ve decided to use ASP, and basically want to code a number of customized modules myself (for personalization, customer center, gift certificates, transaction reports,etc). I also want to be able to integrate some third-party modules (such as USPS postal module, merchant services payment gateway module, etc). What I don&#039;t want to do myself is build the cart from scratch.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of a good ASP-based shopping cart that can use an ODBC connection to MSSQL Server, that is very, very extensible? I will have 3 databases - product, customer, transaction - and I will want to be able to customize how info from cart goes into and ultimately comes out of database, so I can program/integrate the other modules. I also want to avoid having to script too many &#039;work-arounds&#039; (headaches from the past) like taking data from flat files and bending them to fit newer DB-based solutions.<BR><BR>Any ideas will be humbly appreciated, applauded, welcomed!<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>-Sarah