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    This is off topic, but since most of us use VBScript for ASP I thought someone might be able to help.<BR>I was wondering if you had to have the Visual Basic Software to write programs in Visual Basic. Is there any other alternative? Thanks.

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    Default Short answer: You must. *else* would you *write* the programs? The only compiler that exists for VB is ... guess where? ... inside the VB package.<BR><BR>That&#039;s a little like asking if you need MS Word to create a Word document. I suppose there are other word processors out there that can export a file in MS Word format, but there is no way in the world that such programs could give you 100% compatibility with all the features of Word. And do consider that, in general, a language development tool is more complex than a word processor. (Okay, the WP "display and print" stuff is hairier, but the other aspects are much simpler.)<BR><BR>

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