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    Coopetj Guest

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    I want to make an input form that post to a database.<BR><BR>I want to have an input form, a validation script, and a preview/post script.<BR><BR>The validation script strictly validates the form and if it checks out forwards you to the preview/post script. The preview/post script displays the information as it will appear and lets you return to the edit page or post it.<BR><BR>Now. My question is. What is the best way to do it? I was going to do it on 3 pages but if the input form is posting to valInput.asp can I use request.form to retrieves its values from preview/post.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Coopetj

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    realdream Guest

    Default Not sure what you are asking

    If you are asking how you can pass on the variables from the validation script to the edit/post page: That is simple:<BR>In the validation script: get the input from your form into variables:<BR>name= request.FORM("name") &#039;and so on<BR>include the validation script in the edit/post page:<BR>&#060;!--#include file="valid.asp"--&#062; <BR>There you are, you can use all the variables from the validation script in your edit/post page

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    coopetj Guest

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    Ok. This is what I am trying to do. Similiar to the way you an post on this board.<BR><BR>I want to make a form that allows a uer to post content on the main page. When the user fills out the form they hit submit. Their information is validated and a page pops up displaying how their information will look. They can either choose edit and they will be redirected back to the input for or post and their data is sent to the database.<BR><BR>I created a form and directed it to a validation page. On the validation page I made various checks. Depeding on the validation I want to do a few things.<BR><BR>If everything checks out they are send to the preview page and then are allowed to submist the information. How do I get the form information to the preview page. The variables are destroyed when the validation page is closed and I cannot use request.form to get the form fields from the input page.<BR><BR>Am I making too many pages? Should the validation page and the preview page be the same?

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    Default well..

    u could use the same page too but why make it too much code on same page, what u can do is when you go to the preview page, you have all the form element values as request object collection right, either assign them to session variables so that u have them available all throughout the scope of session, but u will have to take care and destroy the session before coming to that page otherwise if the same user posts again a new post then the previous value of session variable will also be carried along with the new values and of course u dont want that, am i making sense here. how r u sending the user back to page 1 after validation, r u redirecting them or making them hit "submit" or something? write to me at, may be i can be of some help.<BR>

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