I want to get the table names of my database called RMb.mdb.<BR>When I run this small program, it yells at me saying compile Error: User-defined type not defined, highlighting Dim dbs As Database. It says Database is not appropriate data type. I thought this is built-in Datatype. So I tried to see the list of datatype by retyping Dim dbs as... As soon as I type as, it brings up a little menu showing you what list you can use. Dababase is not even in the menu. How come it yells at me? This code is copied from Help example. What did I wrong?<BR> <BR><BR> &#039This line causes trouble:<BR> Dim dbs As Database<BR><BR> Dim intloop As Integer<BR><BR> Set dbs = OpenDatabase("RMb.mdb")<BR><BR> With dbs<BR> &#039 Print information about TableDefs collection.<BR> Debug.Print .TableDefs.Count & _<BR> " TableDefs in RMb"<BR> For intloop = 0 To .TableDefs.Count - 1<BR> Debug.Print " " & .TableDefs(intloop).Name<BR> Next intloop<BR><BR> .Close<BR> End With<BR><BR>p.s I am running Access 2000 btw<BR><BR>