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    Hello, at home I&#039;m developping my ASP applications using an Access database, everything works fine, but at work when I "port" my database to my SQL Server (2000) then problems start. <BR><BR>Sometimes some values aren&#039;t returned and I don&#039;t understand why???? when I do a &#060;% =rs("somCell") %&#062; when using the access database it works fine but when I run the same script with the SQL database it doesn&#039;t print anything.... worst of all, the exact script on a different page do return the value in the field someCell. Now when I do a response.write(rs("someCell")) somewhere in my asp page the &#060;% =rs("somCell") %&#062; will return the value for someCell...... <BR><BR>one more thing, in access when using memo type cells my asp application works fine but in SQL I get an error message saying (sorry it&#039;s in French) <BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80020009&#039; <BR><BR>Une opération OLE-DB en plusieurs étapes a généré des erreurs. Vérifiez chaque valeur d&#039;état OLE-DB disponible. Aucun travail n&#039;a été effectué. <BR><BR>/goto/1/A/topic.asp, line 0 <BR><BR><BR>thank you for reading.

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    An OLE-DB operation has generated errors. Check each value of the OLEDB ("disponsible?")<BR><BR>Your changes were not saved.<BR><BR>Man its been a long time since I used my high school french

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