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    I am very new to ASP and server applications in general, and I am just in the process of completing our company&#039;s first web-based application. I have just received a list of questions, from a prospective client, which I have no idea how to answer.<BR><BR>The product is a Flash 5 client movie which sends requests to an ASP server script. The ASP server uses ODBC to read and write to an Access Database.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s what the propect wants to know:<BR> NT version and service pack<BR> IIS version and service pack<BR> MTS & MDAC versions and service/option packs<BR> Database connection/protocol type<BR> Processors/Speed & RAM<BR> SQL version and service pack<BR> any data you have on load & stress capacity<BR> <BR>How do I begin to answer these questions? <BR><BR>As far as NT, IIS and SQL versions, is there a minimum standard that I can rely on that&#039;s not going to scare too many prospects away? Or, do I need to consult a list somewhere of what the different functions supported by the various version are?<BR><BR>What&#039;s "MTS and MDAC"?<BR><BR>I think I can almost answer the Database connection/protocol type: I&#039;m setting up the program to connect using either a DSN or a path relative to the server program. But, what&#039;s the protocol? The client can connect to the server via http/https, but as fars as the connection between the server and the database, is the protocol ODBC?<BR><BR>Finally, how do I determine load and stress capacity? Any pointers to documents on the subject would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I can help on a few.<BR><BR>You need NT4 Option pack 4 or Server 2000.<BR>IIS 3 or higher for ASP 2 or IIS 4 for ASP 3<BR>You are using ADODB and a systems DSN(dependent on your connection string)<BR><BR>If the code is written right you should beable to run the scripts on a system that meets the requirements of NT 4 or 2000AS<BR><BR>http = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol<BR>https = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure<BR><BR>For Load/Stress got to Microsofts site and search for there Stress Tester.<BR><BR>Other questions I am not to sure on so I will leave them unanswered<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR><BR>Matthew Laise<BR>Owner/Webmaster<BR>IT Exposed<BR>

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