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    Hi I am having problems rediecting to different frame pages.scenario<BR>Thelogin form(on the bottom frame) passes the value to a script which may redirect the user&#039;s main page(main) to an error page,while still preserving the bottom frame. i have tried using javascript:<BR> url = "deliver.asp" <BR> response.write("&#060;script&#062;" & vbCrLf) <BR>response.write("parent.main.location.replace(& #039;" & url & "&#039;);" & vbCrLf)<BR> response.write("&#060;/script&#062;") <BR><BR>.....but the bottom frame then doesnt show

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    Why are you calling the replace method?<BR><BR>Read the docs on it. Does it do what you are trying to accomplish? It doesn&#039;t look like it to me. For example, from this page:<BR><BR><BR><BR>*** QUOTE ***<BR>The replace method loads the specified URL over the current history entry. After calling the replace method, the user cannot navigate to the previous URL by using browser&#039;s Back button.<BR>*** END QUOTE ***<BR><BR>Are you sure you don&#039;t want to just use<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; "parent.main.location.href=&#039;" & url & "&#039;"<BR>???<BR>

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