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    Kurt J. Wayne Guest

    Default Help - I'm trying to create a table with 5 di

    ...and hey, my brother in law (Scott Palmer, now designing airplanes in Tulsa) went to UMR so I know where the folks with answers are!<BR><BR>First off, I&#039;ve used Cold Fusion in the past but am a complete novice at ASP...I&#039;m a web designer focusing more on graphics.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got an image I&#039;m going to table. This image will include short sky blue, aqua, yellow and orange blocks, plus a long blue block at the bottom. Each block contains a subheading for a web site, with the blue box containing multiple subheads. I&#039;ve gotten pulldown menu coding from the Peter Belessis/ site which I&#039;ve used to create multiple blue pulldown menus corresponding with subhead on the blue box. These menus are powered by .js files, one to create the links and the other to make the pulldown menus happen.<BR><BR>Thing is, I&#039;m wanting to create one each of an aqua, sky blue, orange and yellow menu to match their colored box counterpart. The Belessis coding as it stands only allows for one menu color.<BR><BR>I thought I could use includes to accomplish this, but it&#039;s been suggested that I&#039;ll want everything in ASP response.writes instead...eliminating the majority of the .js files. Problem is...I&#039;m not yet familiar enough with ASP syntax to properly write a "response.write", I&#039;m afraid.<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to learn ASP on my own, but this project is holding up other aspects of this web project. Is there anyone out there who can give me advice on how to do this today, and can take a look at my code and/or files on the browser?<BR><BR>Thank you. Thank you. and God bless.<BR><BR>Kurt J. Wayne

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    RDM Guest

    Default That person was me...

    Write me at and I&#039;ll show you how...

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