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    mark Guest

    Default Access database lockfile

    I used ODBC connections to connect to an Access database. I think though that I&#039;ve forgotten to close my database connections from some of my asp pages. Therefore, the server thinks that the database is still in use because there&#039;s still a lockfile.<BR><BR>Killing the site in IIS doesn&#039;t release the file. Is there another way to get rid of the lockfile besides restarting the server?

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    mark (petersen) Guest

    Default Not the guy posting multiple times

    ...This guy is ruining my rep (not that I think it was that good in the first place) ...

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    RDM Guest

    Default May have to restart IIS entirely

    I don&#039;t mess much with Access in a web environment but you may have to restart IIS entirely, not just at the individual site level.

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    mark petersen Guest

    Default Thanks <eom>


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