Maybe not ASP; E-mail AGENTS?

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Thread: Maybe not ASP; E-mail AGENTS?

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    Default Maybe not ASP; E-mail AGENTS?

    We have an ASP system that sends notices to plant personel. We might want the plants to simply reply with certain keywords in the subject line to cause things to be changed in the database. <BR><BR>So what&#039;s the thing called that monitors incomming e-mail and takes programmatic action based on the contents? Is it super advanced/expensive? Where can I learn more? <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    Default if ya hurry,<BR><BR>had a thing about that,<BR><BR>it may be in their archive already, which means<BR>50 bucks,but it was about grabbing attachments from mail<BR><BR>might be applicable.

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