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    I need to include a string like "k,n" (with a comma in between) in a .csv file. How can I get that ","(comma) physically present in this .csv file (usually it will be considered as a deliminator, instead of a physical string). <BR><BR>Any suggestions will be appreciated. <BR><BR>

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    Default Put value in quotes...

    An example of a valid CSV file:<BR><BR>record 1, text info, 73.14<BR>"record 2", "more text", 17.99<BR>record 3, "test it, he said!", 3.29<BR><BR>(a) It is okay to have some textual data quoted and some not.<BR>(b) It is okay to *always* quote textual data.<BR>(c) When data is quoted, any character except a quote or newline may be used in the data.<BR><BR>

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