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    dekris Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR> I have Personal Webserver for win95 installed on my macine.I started the PWS and it is started and running.I have a my.asp file with simple asp code that shows todays date.When ever I open the asp file from IE5.0/4.1 browser(http://server/my.asp) I am getting a message aconnection with the server could not be established and naviagtion cancelled.How to over come this.<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>

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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    Just check up whether the PWS is stopped or paused.Right click on the icon and click on properties. If it is not so, then go to the management console and click on the check box titled Run in separate address space. I hope this should work. If not restart your PC, it will work....

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    Jason Cochran Guest

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    Be sure that you have set the virtual directory to enable the execution of scripts. You can do this through the Advanced properties of the Personal Web Manager.

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