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    OMG, have you guys started advertising on morons.com or porno sites or something. Because the plethora of mind-boggling morons you have had on the forums is unreal. <BR><BR>The questions are in the wrong places, foul language, I think you need to revist the messageboard format and start deleting these peoples messages. <BR><BR>Or you can always log the IPs of these dolts and forward them to www.hackers.com or maybe the entire 2600 email list. <BR><BR>I mean **** we already pissed off desert ghost (steve) and It looks like Bill Wilk is about to blow a gasket.<BR><BR>I think it time for a change, my motto has always been "A stupid question deserves a stupider answer" so next time they ask <BR><BR>"uh huh huh, duh, do you guys know how to copy a string into an array, and if so could you possibly write me the code, and then e-mail me and I&#039;ll have you do another assignment? BTW my email is bigmoron29IQ@kingbozo.com"<BR><BR>reply with<BR><BR>"Yes all you do is delete the global.asa file, should fix it"<BR><BR>See, that will send them looping.<BR><BR>enjoy<BR><BR>

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    Your an angry young man Shoefly and i wish you happiness

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