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    Hello, (sorry for my poor english, but i&#039m french :-))<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to do this thing :<BR><BR>The user generates severals files, he zips the files in a single zipfile and uploads it through a form<BR>I got the right upload component, so i don&#039t have any problem to store the zipfile on the server.<BR>Now i want my asp code to unzip the zipfile in a directory and then run some jobs on the different unzipped files.<BR>But i don&#039t find the FREE component which can unzip my file.<BR><BR>Is there anybody knows where i can find the right component,<BR>or finds another solution ?<BR><BR>Notes that i don&#039t want to upload each file generated by the user<BR>because the number of files is variant and it should be tiresome for the user to select files one by one into different "input file".<BR><BR>And notes that i&#039m looking for a free component ;-)<BR>Thank you for all your ideas.<BR>Bye<BR>

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    Here&#039s a link to a couple of shareware components that may help:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>< BR><BR>< BR><BR>

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