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    Al Bear Guest

    Default Day of the week

    Is there a way to find out what day of the week it was on a any given date???

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    Yes. VBScript has Date functions that I would R&D... WeekDay(date)<BR><BR>Check out the references in the left pane...

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default Don't work

    WeekDay(date) dosn&#039;t work and I have bween trying to use the DatePart Fuction in VB but I can get it to return the day. <BR><BR>is there a way to retive just today day from the system clock e.g. friday???

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

    Default Yes it does

    WeekDay() does work. Try putting () after Date like this.<BR><BR>Response.Write WeekDay(Date())

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    Default RE: Don't work

    Think u need this:<BR><BR>response.write(weekdayname(weekday(da te)))

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