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    we were creating the com components and using it in asp. When we were trying to change the dll it gives an error message that its been used ....... and can not be overwritten .....<BR>the reason for this is that " when one uses the dll in a asp the IIS locks that dll till it is active ( web server)". once the web server is offline then after booting the machine i can change the Dll and save.<BR>do i want to ask "how to remove that lock over the dll from the web server using any code or any other method"<BR><BR>guide me in this respect ......<BR>

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    I take it your using VB for writing your component.<BR><BR>Using VB5 you can kill various processes and get back to work w/o booting machine,I&#039;ve tested this on VB5 using IIS4.<BR><BR>This is the process:<BR>1)NET STOP IISADMIN stop services ,type this comand from prompt or create as batch file<BR>2)unregister current dll and overwrite it with new dll using <BR>3)register new dll<BR>4)NET START W3SVC start services again<BR><BR>If you are using VB6 there is no need as they have accomodated for this,simply go in to your project properties and select the debugging tab,changing the starting point to be a URL,this way you can debug and edit all in the Visual Basic environment,neat eh!.<BR><BR>

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