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    This was my first time at this site reffered by a friend i had hoped you guys could help me out but i am sorry to say that till now i got only one response, though it did not help me but thanks to Bill for a trial. <BR>Maybe if you could think of some IF ELSE,Looping some Kinda conditional logic to manipulate my tables through ASP.<BR>Something like this.<BR>For every occurance of a part number send the entire row to <BR>&#039;Table 1&#039; .If the same part number occurs for the second time send it to &#039;Table 2&#039; else send it to &#039;Table 3&#039;.<BR>Think about the above and some similar stuff.<BR>The Problem:<BR>I have a table in MS Access having many fields. <BR>The fields are Part_numbers,Office,Pool_ID,Bin_Location,ESC...etc . <BR>There are 7000 rows.Out of this 7000 rows around 2000 rows contains duplicate part_numbers.I want to remove the Duplication of part numbers. example.. <BR>Below Table name is &#039;Inventory.mdb&#039;: <BR>-------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>part_numbers, Office, Pool, Bin, ESC,... <BR>-------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>00436-60008, D400, J9013, XYZ, $500 <BR>00436-60008, D476, J9014, XYZ, $500 <BR>______________________________________________ ________________ <BR>Maximum number of repeatation of a single part_number is three. <BR><BR>SO WHAT I CAN DO IS,mearge the table i mean, i can have additional fields like Office_2,pool_2 and so on. ie... <BR>&#039;Solution.mdb&#039;: <BR>-------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>part_numbers, Office, Office_2, Pool, Pool_2, Bin, ESC . <BR>-------------------------------------------------------------- <BR>00436-60008, D400, D476, J9013, J9014, XYZ, $500 <BR>______________________________________________ ________________ <BR><BR>For getting the above (which is my requirement) i have to first create two or three tables from the inventory table and keep all the duplicate part_numbers row in different tables.Then run a query to get a common solution.mdb table. <BR>So my question is how split the &#039;first table ie.. &#039;inventory.mdb&#039; in to two or three tables on the basis of the duplicate part_numbers.Tell me if SQL alone can solve it without using ASP(even better).Else how to do it using ASP.My database is of Access. <BR>Regards and Love, <BR>Sharron Lily. <BR>

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    Default CROSSPOST...answered already.


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