Here is what I do:<BR>I create a e-mail (linux POP3,SMTP) WAP client.<BR>I have a AxtiveX dll that helps me a lot - and here is how it works right now.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Set objMailer=Server.CreateObject("MYEmailer.mailer")< BR> objMailer.SetServers "",""<BR> If objMailer.LogIn("xUN","xPW") Then<BR> Response.Write "OK"<BR> &#039;----<BR> &#039; Here I do what ever I need (inbox,main menu,read,send...)<BR> &#039;----<BR> Else<BR> Response.Write "bad username ot password"<BR> End If<BR> objMailer.LogOut<BR>Set objMailer=Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>And here is the problem - or is it?<BR>On every page I create obj. I login to Linux and I logOut From Linux and set obj to nothing.<BR><BR>It works - but - it just seems not to be correct? Is there any way to use some kind of Global stuff? so that it will be done right way? (so that I must not create new obj and new login on each page)???<BR><BR>There is one thing - I can&#039;t use cookies.<BR><BR>Any hints are welcome.<BR><BR>And don&#039;t wory about sessons - they are ok - i can hande this part by myself :) (I use another *.dll .... ) And I do not use cookies.<BR><BR>THANK U<BR><BR>- chill -