I have a simple stored procedure that returns something like the following<BR>:-<BR><BR>TOUROFFICE SOURCE COUNTER<BR>173 7774 2456<BR>173 7789 1234<BR>173 7754 123<BR>5 7774 5<BR>5 7789 12678<BR><BR>I want to present the data in Ultradev something like :-<BR><BR>SOURCE COUNTER<BR><BR>TOUROFFICE, 173<BR><BR>7774 2456<BR>7789 1234<BR>7754 123<BR><BR>TOUROFFICE, 5<BR><BR>7774 5<BR>7789 12678<BR><BR>I can get this to list but then how do I get it to group ? and Where do I<BR>put the code ?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>