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    Hi. With stored procedures, is it ok if I pass ALL the paramaters to it?. As in, it works ok, but it sort of seems to defeat the purpose if all the paramaters are passsed. Are the benefits of the stored procedure still valid with all the paramaters passed? If so, It seems sort of logical to change all the SQL queries to stored procedures and pass all the parameters in the SQL string. Whats the go?<BR>Thanks <BR>Zeg

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    the main benefit in SPs is that SQL server pre-compiles the queries, and stores an execution plan for them, which it can&#039;t do with SQL strings - there&#039;s where the real gain comes from, so no, it doesn&#039;t defeat the object of using them if you pass lots of parameters<BR><BR>j

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    Default But there are limits...

    Hi!!<BR>I&#039;m working with ASP + VB Components + Oracle, and with IIS i have a limit of 15 parameters (IN and OUT) that i can pass to the sp (with an OLE DB connection, using PROVIDER = MSDAORA).<BR><BR>

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