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    Hello ! ASP developers<BR>Since i&#039m New in ASP and i have made an SQL query...if i want the results to be place in a textbox what would be the instruction in the .asp page...i think its something like that :<BR><BR>&#060;input type=text...value=&#060;%theresultofmyquery%&#062; &#062;<BR>but what is the real thing ???<BR><BR>i&#039ve also have one more question<BR>What is the big difference between <BR><BR>Request.Form(" ") and Request.QueryString(" ")<BR>can somebody explain to me

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    Jason Cochran Guest

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    If you are populating the text boxes with data from a database then use:<BR><BR>&#060;input type = "text" name = "somename" value = "&#060;%Response.Write(rst("fieldname"))%&#062;"&# 062;<BR><BR>The difference between Request.Form and Request.Querystring:<BR><BR>Request.Form retrieves data from the Request object&#039s Form collection. This data is sent to the server in the HTTP header of the client browser&#039s submission. It is hidden from view, unlike the Request.Querystring method. If you use Request.Querystring, such as when you use the GET method on a form, the data sent to the server is included in the URL and can be seen by all:<BR><BR>

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    Ashish Mishra Guest

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    Well, just an addition to what jason said, take care not to use request.querystring while using method=post or vice versa, it will create hell lot of trouble, I had spent a day just to figure out this problem in my initial days.

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