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    Hope someone can help me with this.<BR>Im sure is is easy but i just dont see it.<BR>I have a problem doing an update on some records.<BR>I hope i can explain this.<BR>I have 3 table fields (I use these fields to count alot)<BR>fields are [BasicCourses], [IntermediateCourses], [AdvancedCourses]<BR>So in many quieries i could count to see how many of each course one has taken...<BR><BR>Select ID, Count(BasicCourses) as CCB, Count(IntermediateCourses) as ICB ETC...<BR><BR>Now say The Intermediate course has one inputed i need to remove.<BR>I can not remove and leave blank unless in table properties i allow Zero Length strings. if i do this, When i do a count it still thinks something is there and actually counts it as something being there....<BR>Is there something that i can insert into the field. I tried inserting isNull a couple different ways and got errors so not sure if what im doing was right.<BR>Anyone know what can be inserted in place of data so query wont count it?<BR><BR>And help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Bobby

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    Try Null or Is Null

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