I have a site that wraps a menu system above and to the left of the content area. Every Page is wrapped by a table. All user content goes into a space between a hidden &#060;TD&#062; and &#060;/TD pair<BR>The publisher only sees "Begin User content Area" and End User content Area in his template. The publisher can put any thing he wants in between the Begin and End tokens. <BR><BR>This is accomplished by the users template having server side include files at the begining and the end of his publishing area. It really works out nicely. <BR><BR>But... I want the users to have the ability to print the page without any of the wrapped menu and embedded graphics. <BR><BR>I thought that If I could find out the cache name, I could use the filesystem object and just read the cached page, and simply loop line by line down the page until I found the begin tag and capture all the stuff up to the end token and print it. <BR><BR>Couple of problems. I don&#039;t know how to get to the cached file, don&#039;t know the name of it (although I can see it in the temporary internet files folder), If I could get to it then how would I print it out minus the stuff I don&#039;t want to print. <BR><BR>Can any one help. <BR><BR>Ktom