All,<BR><BR>I work at Macromedia as the Product Manager for Dreamweaver UltraDev. If you&#039;re not familiar with UltraDev, it&#039;s a visual tool for building ASP powered websites. It&#039;s based on the popular Dreamweaver program, which has over 1 million users worldwide. <BR><BR>We are in the research phase for our next version and we&#039;re looking for experienced ASP/VBScript developers in the San Francisco Bay Area to help us in our planning. We are interested in interviewing individual developers, or bringing them into our offices for roundtable discussions about the future of our product. Usually the discussions last on the order of an hour or two. It&#039;s a pretty exciting opportunity for developers to meet the team behind a leading authoring tool, and help to affect its development. We would also be willing to provide something in exchange for volunteers&#039; time.<BR><BR>Please contact me directly using the contact info below if this is of interest to you.<BR><BR>Thank you so much, I look forward to speaking with you.<BR><BR>-Dave<BR><BR><BR>David A. Deming<BR>Product Manager, Dreamweaver UltraDev<BR>Macromedia, Inc.<BR><BR>415.252.4015 (M,W,F)<BR>650.481.4562 (Tu,Th)<BR>