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    I have created a Web form that currently collects data and submits it directly to a SQL database.<BR> <BR>I now want to create a screen so that when the user first hits submit it takes him to a "review page" where he can first see the data he types in, and then hit submit to finalize the transaction. Do you know of any place on the Internet that has a decent example of something like this. I would also want the user to be able to make changes to his data if needed before he finalizes it. But once he hits the final submit button he cant access it anymore.<BR> <BR>Thanks for any help you could provide with this request.<BR> <BR><BR>

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    Default review a review

    Umm,<BR><BR>you have your initial form,<BR>you submit to another page<BR>same form, except that value attributes have been <BR>set to the values passed in,<BR>then, submit to sql page.<BR><BR>am i missing something here???

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