I have a form where I use images instead of buttons - however on one form I have three buttons, each directing the user to a different page. When I used the submit buttons everything worked e.g.<BR><BR>&#060;input name="action" type="submit" value="page1"&#062; <BR><BR>I then redirected the user to the page using "request.form("action") to find out what button the user clicked on.<BR><BR>However, when I use images, the POST (or GET) string changes to page1.x=1, page1.y=2 etc, (instead of action = page1). <BR><BR>I have tried to search through the POST string for page1.x or page1.y to no success - can any one suggest a method of doing this, or a work-around?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Kevin.