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    i have a web page that has two textbox and two select lists on the page.. Both text boxes have the same name, and both selects have the the same name.. from the js script, it can be refrenced by textboxname[elementnumber], and selectname[elementnum].<BR><BR>i have another web page that has only one textbox and select list which can be refrenced by textboxname and selectname.<BR><BR>do anyone know of a way to determine if there is an array of elements in example 1 and no array of elemnts in example 2 that will work for textboxes AND selectlists WITHOUT any hardcodeing of information for the script to use AND WITHOUT having to modify the code for the different element?<BR><BR>please help

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    stronger and better Guest

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    i just wanted to thank everyone who didn&#039;t reply to that message because it made me stronger and you got weaker.<BR><BR>it&#039;s like this:<BR>if selectname[0].length==undifined then<BR> there is only one set of elements<BR>else<BR> there is an array of elemend<BR><BR>DONT anyone flame be because it&#039;s not perfect javascript code - you&#039;re not perfect human either - and you are all slaves to micro$oft!!

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