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    The following stored procedure was written to commit jobs..I want it not proceed if any part of the transaction fails. <BR><BR><BR>Begin Tran<BR> INSERT INTO T_S1_Status_Current<BR> SELECT * FROM T_S1_Status_Current_Exceptions WHERE recordid = @recordid<BR> <BR> DELETE FROM T_S1_Status_Current_Exceptions<BR> WHERE recordid = @recordid<BR> <BR> UPDATE T_S1_Status_Current<BR> SET Exception_Flag = NULL<BR> WHERE recordid = @recordID<BR>Commit Tran<BR>

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    the best way<BR><BR>if @@error &#062; 0 <BR>begin<BR>if @@trancount &#062; 0<BR>commit tran<BR>end<BR>else<BR>begin<BR>if @@trancount &#062; 0<BR>rollback tran<BR>end<BR>

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