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    Conrad Guest

    Default Visaul Basic Question.

    I know that this is an ASP bulletin board but I can not seem to find an answer to my VB question from anywhere else.<BR><BR>I need to know how to pass a parameter to a VB executable. Such as <BR><BR>myprogram.exe thisfile.txt<BR><BR>So that I can use the name &#039;thisfile.txt&#039; in my VB program. I have looked but can not find the VB code to do this.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Conrad

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    Default RE: Visaul Basic Question.<BR><BR>Go to VB message board. I&#039;ve seen this question answered before...

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    RDM Guest

    Default Search MSDN for Command()


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    Conrad Guest

    Default ???

    Could you suggest one?

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