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    Tiago Guest

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    Is there a command that tells me how many session("test") exist?!<BR>I want to count the active users on the site .)<BR>Tks

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    in your global.asa, under "session_onstart" event write a counter that would increment the counter everytime a session starts and in "session_onend" event write another counter that would decrease the number.

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    krane Guest

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    yes.. but that will count all active users in the machine.. right?! The problem is that the server.. is not only for my website :(

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    Tiago Guest

    Default Help!

    The last post was from me again :&#124 Sorry.. i put the wrong name :p

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    yy Guest

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    If your site is database driven, maybe you can try to create a table to hold the number of active users.

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