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    stelios Guest

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    I have a database on Access of about 3000 records..with different tables and columns..and i want to get only the text columns from all the tables, put them together and have one column for search reasons...Is there an esay way of doing rather than doing one record at a time??..It must be ..but I cant find what im asking is if theresa way of making two or more columns look as one but with a space betweeen them in one column? Thank you

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    If the fields are all in one table, you could just do this:<BR><BR>"Select MyField1 & &#039; &#039; & MyField2 as JoinedField from Mytable"<BR><BR>Then refer to rs("JoinedField") which would contain the 2 fields with a space between them.<BR><BR>This should also work acrossmultiple tables, but you would need some common field to join the tables together.

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