I have a form (asp) where new users become members to certain services. Each service, has different cost associated to it. I would like to send all the detailed transactions to the site administrator. Here is an example that the site administrator will get, then go ahead and do the actual transaction to collect the amount<BR><BR>I am working with MsAccess table, and have a "tbl_bills" which has the following fields defined:<BR>-IdBill_int<BR>-IdClient_int<BR>-AmountBill_curr<BR>-DateBill_date<BR>-DescripBill_txt<BR><BR>does this look ok? <BR>What I intent to do also is let the client take a look at his invoice for the next month, through and administration section where they log in, all the details that they subscribe to along with the prices will be printed out.<BR><BR>My question is,<BR>- does the above table structure seem ok?<BR>- if I created an administration section where the site administrator gets logged in and verifies all the transactions from different clients for that month, does that seem logical ? <BR><BR>Do you have any other suggestions?<BR>Thank you<BR>Regards,<BR>Patty