I am using datashaping to pull information from a MS SQL server database.<BR><BR>I am pulling four chunks of data from four different tables. The web application will allow the user to view a list of law practices alphabetically, the firms that participate in those practices (again, alphabetically), the contacts for the firms, and the cities in which the firms practice.<BR><BR>I have the practices select as the parent (because I want to sort by them first), firms as the child, and contacts and cities as children to firms. Everything is related on FIRM_ID. The problem is that everything displays alphabetically _except_ the name of the firm. I ran the select for the firm through an analyzer, and it ordered correctly when taken by itself.<BR><BR>If I remove the practices select and make the firm the parent select, it orders alphabetically. In my select, I do not tell the data to order by FIRM_ID at any point, so why would it insist on ordering by FIRM_ID?<BR><BR>I can email code to anyone in need of more details.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Chris