Sample Data is shown below.<BR><BR>PkgID TimeStamp DeviceName MsgType<BR>1123a 10:12:50 AM ASAS1 26<BR>1123a 10:12:55 AM ASAS-20 43 &#060;--<BR>1123a 10:13:15 AM ASAS2 26 &#060;--<BR>1123a 10:13:30 AM BDMN1 22<BR><BR>2123a 10:13:50 AM ASAS2 26<BR>2123a 10:13:55 AM ASAS-20 43 &#060;--<BR>2123a 10:14:15 AM BDMN3 22 &#060;--<BR>2123a 10:14:30 AM BDMN2 22<BR><BR>3123a 10:15:50 AM ASAS1 26<BR>3123a 10:15:55 AM ASAS-20 43 &#060;--<BR>3123a 10:16:15 AM ASAS2 26 &#060;--<BR>3123a 10:17:30 AM BDMN1 22<BR>3123a 10:18:50 AM ASAS1 26<BR>3123a 10:19:55 AM ASAS-20 43 &#060;--<BR>3123a 10:20:15 AM ASAS2 26 &#060;--<BR>3123a 10:20:30 AM BDMN1 22<BR><BR><BR>The data is grouped by pkgID and each record has unique timestamp. I would like to filter out records as I indicated with arrows to the right of the records. The key thing is when I find msgType=&#039;43&#039;, I would like to get that record plus the next record.<BR><BR>How do we do that with SQL? Thanks in advance.<BR><BR><BR>