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    Patrick Poer Guest

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    On several production web sites, we are experiencing a very strange issue. When users are inputting information into textarea's, their posted content is truncated randomly and only a portion of the information they input is returned and entered into the database. The form is captured with ASP and then entered into a SQL server text field. The user is even able to approve their content before submitting and everything looks fine to them, it's only when it's entered into the database that some information is cut off. Additionally, it only happens to certain users, and I have never been able to recreate it??? The only way I know it's happening is by reading user posts that are cut off midway in their sentence! Please help as this is becoming a critical issue! Thanks.

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    Lurker Guest

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    Just 1 idea. Is the data being truncated if the user enters a ' or a " in the text? If so, you will need to replace those chars with doubled up versions (' becomes '' - that is 2 ' marks).

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    If u r passing this textarea value to someother page before populating in database, it's better to ENCODE the Textarea value.

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    I had similair problems in PHP when a user entered a / or //, etc. Make sure you replace those characters, and encode.

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    dingelberry Guest

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    had a similar problem with the # character

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