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    Hi All:<BR><BR>I have created a series of Active Server Pages linked to an Access Database. Currently, I have been able to create drop down boxes and buttons so that the user can select certain criteria, and then the correct table will be displayed, showing all of the records in the Access DB that meet the entered criteria. <BR><BR>This is good, but for my web site, I need to make this functionality bi-lateral. That is, I want users to be able to submit documents to the database as well as retrieve them. I would need them to enter info into a form, and "attach" a document and then press "Submit" and have that entry created in the database with the corresponding files for future searches.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of some good resources for this type of thing? Any sample code would be great, as I don&#039t know quite where to start.<BR><BR>Thanks a bunch,<BR><BR>

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    I&#039ve never coded what you&#039re talking about but you need something like the ASPUpload component described in the this link:<BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH -<BR>Joel<BR>

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