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    ramiro Guest

    Default Knowing when ASP is called

    Hi, all:<BR><BR>Scenario -----------------------------------------<BR><BR>NT 4.0 SP6a, IIS4<BR><BR>I have a ASP chat. It runs perfectly.<BR>I want to know, when a user has connected to my chat.<BR>So I&#039;ve created an ActiveX dll that displays a message box.<BR>When the user request the ASP connection page, I call the dll to notice that a user has entered to my chat.<BR><BR>The Code ----------------------------------------<BR><BR>** The VB6 SP4 code:<BR><BR>&#039; The project is called Message<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039; The class is called clsMessage<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039; The sub is ShowMessage<BR>&#039;<BR>Sub ShowMessage(vMessage As Variant, vTitle As Variant)<BR> MsgBox vMessage, vbOKOnly + vbInformation, vTitle<BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>** The ASP code looks like this:<BR><BR>dim obj<BR>dim vMessage<BR>dim vTitle<BR><BR>set obj=server.CreateObject("Message.clsMessage")<BR>v Message="A user has entered"<BR>vTitle="ASP Chat"<BR>obj.ShowMessage vMessage,vTitle<BR>set obj=nothing<BR><BR><BR>The Trouble -----------------------------------------------<BR><BR>When I call the dll from the ASP script, the browser stops responding till it shows the &#039;Page not found&#039; message.<BR>Furthermore, the IIS hangs, and doesn&#039;t serves more pages till I reboot the machine.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to do the same but with an ActiveX Exe. It doesn&#039;t work neither. But there are two differences:<BR>The proccess is shown in the Task Manager and if I kill that task, IIS keeps on running.<BR><BR>I know that IIS uses the IUSR_MACHINE user to run itself. And that user has a different desktop than my Administrator user. So I&#039;ve tried to give to the IIS Services the property of executing in my user desktop. But I get the same results.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried too, running the "dcomcnfg" application to give to my ActiveX server the "correct" Identity property. Nothing...<BR><BR>Note: The ActiveX dll runs correctly when called from a Visual Basic project.<BR><BR>The Question -------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Does anybody know what&#039;s happening here, please???. I&#039;m beginning with ASP, and this is the first thing I try. And I&#039;ve spent two days for nothing. <BR><BR>Please, please, please, can anybody help me?.....<BR><BR>Thanks folks...<BR>

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    RDM Guest

    Default Is this a repost? I swear I've seen this bef

    The ActiveX DLL is running on the server. Thus, so is the MsgBox. You can&#039;t show a message box from inside your ASP code it must be in code that is sent to the browser. In most cases, that means client side VBScript or JavaScript. Active Server Pages means that all code is run locally on the "server".

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    ramiro Guest

    Default RE: Is this a repost? I swear I've seen this

    Sorry, I posted twice for error.<BR><BR>And finally I did it.<BR><BR>Certainly is possible. I mean, what I wanted to do. Not what you are telling that I wanted to do.<BR><BR>The key was the desktop property in the IIS Services, and reboot the IIS with:<BR><BR>Net Stop IISAdmin /y<BR>MTXSTOP<BR>Net Start W3SVC<BR><BR>I am my own Internet server. That&#039;s the reason I want a MsgBox in the SERVER when someone gets my ASP page.<BR><BR>Thank you very much for your time...

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