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    Srimanth Rudraraju Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am using SQL Server 7.0 as my database. I have my database server and web server in two different machines sitting miles away from one another. I have the problem of traversing through the records.<BR><BR>I have a table which has almost 100,000 records. i would like to show only 100 records at a time on my asp page. i have gone through the archives and have came to know that this can be done at the ADO level. But then do i have to retrieve all the rows from the database to the web server and then process these records? This would not be possible in my case as my web server and database server are different machines and the network would just go down retrieving so many rows for every hit on the page.<BR><BR>i want to filter them at the database server itself. this is more of a back-end question rather than asp related. but am just asking since i know that someone must have done it.<BR><BR>regards,<BR>srimanth.

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    have a look at the TOP statement in SQL use this and then when you page through your records use a query string to change the criteria ..... <BR>

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    Srimanth Rudraraju Guest

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    I have used the TOP keyword also. But the problem with TOP Keyword is that it only gets n rows starting from the top and cannot start somewhere in the middle. Assuming i have to get the rows from 99,000 to 99,100 in a table of 100,000 rows, i cannot do a "SELECT TOP 99100 From abc"...<BR><BR>i need a mechanism wherein i can start from the nth row and retrieve k rows...

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