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    Tony Guest

    Default Value of Checkbox to Access DB

    At wits end here. How can you write the value of a checkbox in an HTML form to a Database? I know the value is either true or false (-1 or 0) but how can I get ASP to extract that value and get it to the database? Do I need to convert the value beforehand? Any help would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks

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    Ramk( Guest

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    I think it will work.<BR><BR>If UCase(Request.Form("Checkboxname")) = "ON" Then<BR> objrec("Boolianfield") = True &#039for access<BR> objrec("Boolianfield") = 1 &#039for sql server<BR> Else<BR> objrec("Boolianfield") = false &#039for access<BR> objrec("Boolianfield") = 0 &#039for sqlserver<BR> End If<BR><BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>

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    Tony Guest

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    Thanks,I will try it.<BR>Tony

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