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    I have created two drop down list boxes that are dependant on each other i.e when a value is selected in one box, all its related values for this option are automatically displayed in a second box. The question I wish to know, is whether it is possible to change the size of the select box when another option is selected which has a different number of related options. I should also note that if there are more than four related items in the second drop down list box, that the maximum size of the list box should be four. I would really appreciate any help. Many thanks.

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    here&#039;s some asp code that does something like that for me. You&#039;ll have to adapt it for you needs though:<BR><BR>count = 0<BR>while not RecordSet.EOF<BR> Response.Write "document.forms[0].country.options[" & count "] = new Option(&#039;" & RecordSet.Fields("Country_Name") & "&#039;, " & RecordSet.Fields("Country_No") & ");"<BR> count = count+1<BR> RecordSet.MoveNext<BR>wend<BR><BR>Hope this helps a little<BR>Conor

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