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    pws will only serve pages and scripts while I&#039;m connected to the internet (getting expensive for developement work).<BR>I&#039;ve seen similar postings & I&#039;ve done everything suggested in them. I don&#039;t connect to the net through a proxy server so I cannot tell msie to bypass proxy for local addresses.

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    i think if you have a modem (as opposed to cable or dsl) it should work fine. otherwise go into "internet options" in control panel or under tools in the browser,<BR>select "connections",<BR>click "LAN settings",<BR>check "use a proxy server"<BR>and then check "bypass proxy server for local hosts"<BR>this should work, but you will have to switch that back and forth when you want to go online and off again...etc...<BR>hope it works.. i just tried it and it worked fine for my nt 4.0 with pws

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