&nbsp;<BR>I am trying to open the table by using Runcommand Method(Access 2000). What I am doing is to import Excel spread sheet, create a new table, and see the table. I tried with DoCmd.OpenTable; however, The thing is here, when you use DoCmd.OpenTable, you have to specify the name of table. But in the code, you never know what the name of the table is going to be. It depends on what the user is going to name. As soon as the Excel spread sheet gets imported as a table named whatever the user names, I want the user to be able to see the table.<BR><BR>Private Sub Click_to_Import_Click()<BR>On Error GoTo Err_Import_Click<BR>&#039open import dialog box using built in method<BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdImport)<BR><BR>&#039try to open the table after importing excel spread sheet<BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdOpenTable)<BR>Exit_Import_Click:<BR>Exit Sub<BR><BR>Err_Import_Click:<BR>Resume Exit_Import_Click<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>It imports spread sheet correctly and creates table safely. But at the same time I want to see the table that I just created.<BR><BR>When I try to make the table seen by using <BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdOpenTable)<BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdShowTable)<BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdTableNames)<BR>Access.RunCommand (acCmdViewTables)<BR>etc....<BR><BR><BR>How can I get open the table that I just created after importing excel spread sheet?<BR><BR>Please advise,<BR>Thanks<BR><BR> <BR>