hi,<BR><BR>Is there a way of opening the ACTION page as a child window<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried <BR>&#060;form name=form1 action=updateAndClose.asp target="_blank"&#062; <BR>and the ACTION page updateAndClose.asp opens up in a new window but I when i try a window.close() in the onLoad event it asks for a confirmation ( which i dont want ) and which means the page is not a child window...<BR><BR>This is a rehash of my earlier re-post...sorry if this upsets anybody<BR><BR>:-)<BR><BR>I have 2 forms. i&#039;m submitting the first form using document.form1.submit() using when the form onLoad.. & sending a hidden variable that updates a table.. <BR><BR>The second form stays in the main page for further processing. Problem is the first form opens up in a new window... <BR>I want the updation to happen without a new window being opened if possible (i know thats kind of funny)...or to be closed immediately.. <BR><BR>i used this <BR>&#060;body onLoad="document.form1.submit()"&#062; <BR>&#060;form name=form1 action=updateAndClose.asp target="_blank"&#062; <BR><BR>and put a &#060;body onLoad=&#039;setTimeout("window.close()",1000)&#03 9;&#062; in updateAndclose.asp but it is asking for a confirmation message...which i guess means its not a child window. <BR><BR>i want it to close automatically..... <BR><BR><BR>